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Second congressional district Alabama News
What happened? Analysis of AL-2 run-off election — Dobson, Figures now the nominees to fight for the seat in November

The second congressional district run-off elections were held on Tuesday, Republican Caroleene Dobson won the nomination for her party over Dick Brewbaker. Shomari Figures won the Democratic nomination after securing his victory over current Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville). 

caroleene dobson Alabama News
First-timer Caroleene Dobson wins GOP congressional nomination in AL-2; Faces Democrat Shomari Figures Nov. 5

Newcomer Caroleene Dobson won the GOP nomination for Congress and faces Democrat winner Shomari Figures.

Dobson event Ivey Alabama News
Ivey spotted at Dobson for Congress campaign event in Montgomery

The governor of Alabama has not formally endorsed a candidate in the GOP runoff of Alabama's second congressional district. However, Gov. Kay Ivey made an appearance Monday night, on the eve of the runoff, at a Caroleene Dobson campaign event.

brewbaker v dobson Alabama News
Voter turnout top concern for both GOP AL-2 candidates going into Tuesday runoff

For the last day of campaigning for the GOP runoff election for Alabama’s second congressional district, candidates Dick Brewbaker and Caroleene Dobson are staying busy.

Dobson and Brewbaker alabama political news Alabama News
AL-2 GOP hopefuls Brewbaker, Dobson voice strong support for Israel — 'We must stand firmly with the Holy Land'

Republican candidates for Alabama's second congressional district, Caroleene Dobson and Dick Brewbaker, took a hardline stance in support of Israel following a major attack by Iran launched Saturday night.

Caroleene Dobson Sheriff Endorsements Alabama News
All five GOP sheriffs in AL-2 endorse Dobson, citing commitment to border security

The five sheriffs in Alabama’s newly drawn second congressional district have collectively endorsed a candidate for the Republican runoff on April 16.

Brewbaker Endorsement Texas Alabama News
Texas AG Paxton endorses Brewbaker in AL-2 for ‘America First policies’ and commitment to border crisis fix

Alabama Congressional District 2 candidate Dick Brewbaker picked up an endorsement from the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton. In a letter to Brewbaker, Paxton said he endorses him because of his commitment to finding a long-term solution to the border crisis. 

Dobson Alabama News
AL-2 hopeful Caroleene Dobson: ‘We’ve got to get President Trump back in the White House’ to undo Biden's damage

From rampant inflation, failing foreign policy and a crisis at the southern border, candidate for the Republican nomination in the second congressional district Caroleene Dobson said America was heading in the wrong direction "in just about every way possible" under its current leadership.

Alabama christian coalition Alabama News
Christian Coalition of Alabama issues voting guide Q&A for AL-2 primary runoff

The Christian Coalition of Alabama recently released its first voting guide for the 2024 election cycle, focusing on the newly drawn second congressional district.

Brewbaker Mobile signs Alabama News
City of Mobile logo illegally used on AL-2 candidate Brewbaker’s signs; Supporters had 'pure intentions,' campaign says

The City of Mobile responded Wednesday to reports that a Republican candidate for Congressional District 2 was illegally using the City’s logo.

brewbaker v dobson Alabama News
Debate Night: Dobson, Brewbaker spar in runoff debate covering immigration, LGBTQ agenda, inflation and industry

The two candidates in the Republican runoff for Alabama's second congressional district debated at Government Plaza in Mobile on Monday.

Dobson and Brewbaker alabama political news Alabama News
Dobson, Brewbaker discuss differences ahead of AL-2 GOP runoff debate in Mobile

The Mobile County Republican Executive Committee is preparing for a debate ahead of the Alabama Congressional District 2 runoff between former State Sen. Dick Brewbaker (R-Montgomery) and Montgomery attorney Caroleene Dobson.

Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
National conservative women’s PAC Maggie’s List endorses Dobson in Alabama’s second congressional district runoff

Strong values and fiscal responsibility are two reasons a federal political action committee is voicing support for AL-2 Republican candidate Caroleene Dobson.

Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
Caroleene Dobson starts first TV ad for AL-2 runoff

Congressional candidate Caroleene Dobson started her TV ad campaign Monday in her runoff campaign for AL2. She weighs a difference on two issues – support for Donald Trump and raising taxes.

Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
Caroleene Dobson signs term limits support pledge: 'Our founding fathers intended for members of Congress to be citizen statesmen'

Caroleene Dobson, a candidate for the Republican run-off election, announced Monday that she has signed a pledge to support term limits on memebers of Congress.

Second congressional district Alabama News
AL-2 primary results show district 'in reach' for GOP — 'It is certainly winnable'

When the federal courts redrew Alabama's second congressional district in favor of Democrats, some in the Alabama Republican Party felt they were given a political death sentence by being forced to give up a solid Republican U.S. House seat.

brewbaker v dobson Alabama News
Brewbaker, Dobson advance to congressional district 2 Republican primary runoff

Brewbaker finished in the lead with 39.6% while Dobson narrowly defeated State Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore) for second place with 26.5% of the vote.

Belinda Thomas Alabama News
Republican congressional district 2 hopefuls focus on immigration, national debt in Montgomery forum

With less than three weeks until the primary election on March 5, five Republican candidates in the newly created congressional district 2 discussed immigration, the national debt and their backgrounds at a forum in Montgomery hosted by the Montgomery County Republican Party and the Capital City Young Republicans on Thursday night.

Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
AL-2 candidate Caroleene Dobson says federal money can build new I-10 Bayway bridge without a toll  

Caroleene Dobson, a Montgomery attorney and native of rural Monroe County in the district, addressed a problem that has plagued Mobile and southern Alabama for decades.

Caroleene Dobson Norquist Tax Alabama News
AL-2 GOP candidate Caroleene Dobson signs Norquist 'No Tax Pledge'

Second congressional district Republican hopeful Caroleene Dobson hopes to distinguish herself from the field by signing the official "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" designed by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).

Dick Brewbaker with wife Alabama News
Brewbaker challenges other AL-2 candidates to join term-limits pledge: 'I will only serve five total terms, and I will never be a lobbyist'

GOP candidate for Alabama's second congressional district Dick Brewbaker has pledged to serve no longer than five terms if elected and not become a lobbyist once he leaves office. On Sunday, he challenged his Republican opponents to do the same.

Alabama farmland Alabama News
Caroleene Dobson: When it comes to protecting America's farmland, we must tell Communist China, 'Not now, not ever'

Farming is backbreaking and tiring work that far too often goes unrecognized by those beyond the property lines of a farm, but it is also an essential industry that ensures our fellow Americans are well-fed and the economy is strong. 

Migrants wait to climb over concertina wire after they crossed the Rio Grande and entered the U.S. from Mexico, Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023, in Eagle Pass, Texas. Alabama News
'Catch and deport, not catch and release': AL-2 GOP hopeful Caroleene Dobson stakes out hawkish stance on immigration

As Republican lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are scrambling to force the Biden administration to stem the flow of illegal migration across the southern border into the United States, second congressional district GOP candidate Caroleene Dobson is running on a message of reversing that tide.

caroleene dobson Alabama News
Caroleene Dobson releases first TV ad in AL-2 race: 'I'll never stop until the job is done'

Republican candidate Caroleene Dobson announced her first media advertisement on Friday in her bid for Alabama's new second congressional district.

Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
U.S. House District 2 hopeful Caroleene Dobson draws attention, energizes crowd at Mobile GOP candidate forum

Monroe County native turned Birmingham attorney and mother of two Caroleene Dobson packed a punch in her five minutes, speaking about God, family and freedom. Her message resonated with the audience.

Caroleene Dobson Alabama News
Caroleene Dobson earns ALFA endorsement for Congress in AL-2

The ALFA endorsement went to political newcomer Caroleene Dobson, raised on a family farm, now a lawyer in Montgomery and mother of two daughters.

Caroleene Dobson ALGOP Alabama News
Conservative commentator CJ Pearson: Caroleene Dobson 'one of strongest' in AL-2 race

The executive director of Teens for Trump, CJ Pearson of Georgia, has given a shout-out to political newcomer Caroleene Dobson.

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