The prisoner who escaped from Lauderdale County with a corrections officer, prompting a nationwide manhunt, was sentenced to life without parole on Thursday. The sentence was part of a plea deal.

Casey White, 39, was already serving a 75-year sentence when he escaped in April 2022, and he is still awaiting trial on a capital murder charge. Vicky White - no relation - sold her house, helped him escape and skipped town with him.

The two were on the run for 11 days. However, she shot and killed herself when authorities caught up with the couple in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

Casey White told the court that Vicky White was the only person who cared about him over the past six years.

“We just wanted a new life together because she knew the truth. I can handle the truth because I know who I am,” White said. “I chose this road. It’s cost me my life and freedom.”

Casey White said Vicky White did have one regret, and that was leaving her family.

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