What’s Generation Z been up to lately? Here’s a wacko story for you:

A student from the infamously liberal Oberlin College has written a soul-baring piece in the student newspaper about a traumatic experience in his dorm. He/she/xi lives in a dorm described as the home of the Women and Trans Collective. The college informed students that workers would be entering their dorms to install radiators for the winter. The student dramatically wrote that he waited in anticipation all day, and felt "angry, scared, and confused ... mildly violated and a little peeved,” because the workers were “cisgender” men.

So, now safe spaces have to extend into any service you ever need? If we can only hire people who are just like us, the list will be very short. Are you going to pause and ask the paramedic who’s tying a tourniquet around your gushing thigh, “wait excuse me, what are your pronouns? I don’t feel comfortable with your proximity.” How about the grocer at the checkout line? “Um, I don’t want a MAN touching my vegetables.” It seems like the goal isn’t ending discrimination, but redefining it.

At Cambridge, apparently harassing women is fine - if it’s because you’re mad she doesn’t run around wearing a trans flag. The student union published a guide teaching students how to identify trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs), the PC label for women who don’t want men in their bathrooms. Professor Kathleen at the University of Sussex has already fallen victim to the witch hunt, swarmed by death threats, abuse, and public protests because she expressed concern about the safety of women if “intact” trans women are allowed in women’s hostels, prisons, changing rooms, and more.

Some progressives want to criminalize speech that can hurt peoples’ feelings, meaning any expression of free speech that dares to disagree with them. Somehow hurt feelings are worse than death threats?

Younger generations act like hurt feelings are the hill they want to die on, and I’ve tried to puzzle this out. My initial theory was that most people in younger generations never learned conflict resolution. Divorce rates have climbed exponentially in the past few decades. Children grew up seeing their parents split up rather than face and resolve the conflict in their relationships. Disagreement is scary, and therefore fundamentally hurtful in these peoples’ minds, because they’ve never seen it done right.

On the other hand, individuals like myself, whose godly parents openly discussed their disagreements and forgave one another, have an entirely different mentality.

But I start to wonder if this is really true. The woke crowd actually seems to love conflict. It’s their fix. Protests are the new raves.

Netflix employees organized a walkout to protest because Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos won’t destroy Dave Chappelle for joking about LGBTQ people. Sarandos said, “content on screen doesn’t directly translate to real world harm.” Of course, leftists have gone ballistic, but they’re not as furious at Chappelle as they are at leadership for not enforcing their new social order.

They need a scapegoat. What would the Twitter trolls do if no one disagreed with their trans agenda? They need a pinata to vent their frustrations, self-esteem issues, and lack of internal validation. They lack confidence and can only find it by kicking other people down. So, in utter irony, as they scream about ending discrimination, all they’re doing is creating a new hierarchy, where they pick who’s on the bottom. It’s the digital French Revolution, and cancel culture is the guillotine.

While this trend makes us extremely worried for America’s future, I’m hopeful the woke mob will start unraveling. Conflict entertains and sells, when you can decide who’s at the bottom (FB), but you can’t build a house on flames. The Democrats are already turning on each other since they’ve discovered, to their shock, that no one exists who will agree with you on every matter. If you don’t even want someone who’s not like you to install the heater which will prevent you from freezing to death over the winter, you’re in for a short rule.

In the meantime, let’s thank those who are standing up for free speech! Of course, corporations will cave if they see hundreds of people outside their office throwing a tantrum, but don’t see any support. Negative emotions are unfortunately much more likely to make us get off our butts, so I don’t imagine anyone would have much success throwing a “Thank You Ted Sarandos” BBQ outside the Netflix office. But does anyone want to help me get #ThankYouTedSarandos trending? Let’s do so, each and every time cancel culture rears its head or a snowflake in a dorm cries about having to see a man.

Thank you, heat installation workers, thank you, Professor Kathleen, thank you, Ted Sarandos. Please don’t cave!

Caylah Coffeen is a Millennial in Huntsville, AL who knows how to think and speaks up for the sake of truth and a future as bright as the stars. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of 1819 News. To comment, please send an email with your name and contact information to Commentary@1819News.com