The Christian Coalition of Alabama (CCA) recently issued a statement clarifying their neutral position in regard to State Sen. Dick Brewbaker and the second congressional district race, despite ads placed by the Alabama Families PAC implying otherwise.

Alabama Families PAC has placed several negative ads against Brewbaker, the most recent of which included a reference from (CCA) regarding a vote on Amendment 1, which former Gov. Bob Riley promoted at the time.

In a statement to 1819 News, a CCA spokesman said, "This ad attempts to project that the Christian Coalition is against Mr. Brewbaker, which is not the case. Neither is it the case that we attempt to endorse candidates for office... However, we do take offense that a PAC, without our knowledge or approval, attempts to make such a case. This appears to be an attempt to bolster the fortunes of Mr. Brewbaker’s opponent in the Alabama District 2 Republican primary."

The spokesman said CCA sent a series of questions to all AL-2 candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, "in an attempt to bring clarity" to their positions on popular issues.

"We have further attempted to reach those at the Alabama Families PAC to rescind this media piece, without a response," the spokesman said.

The group said neither Brewbaker nor any other candidate should be subjected to “dark money” negative attacks, particularly when another entity is being quoted incorrectly and spuriously.

The CCA commended the remaining candidates for their willingness to serve the people of Alabama and will work to give the people of the second district a candid and truthful evaluation of their positions and how those may align with their spiritual and deeply held moral values.

Brewbaker squares off with attorney Caroleene Dobson in the runoff election for the GOP nod, which will be held on April 16.

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