A Macon County Circuit Court Judge on Monday issued a permanent prohibition against “electronic bingo” in the county.

In the case of State of Alabama v. Epic Tech Inc., the court sided with the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, which said VictoryLand Casino was operating illegal gambling devices in Macon County. 

The court granted the State of Alabama’s request to permanently enjoin and prohibit the casinos from offering so-called “electronic bingo” machines at VictoryLand Casino. 

The order also prohibits the Macon County Sheriff from issuing bingo licenses, receiving funds and permitting the illegal slot machines to operate in Macon County.

“Electronic bingo machines are a blatant violation of state law, and the Alabama Supreme Court has reaffirmed this time and time again,” Alabama Attorney General Marshall said. “Similar to the facilities in Morgan, Houston and Lowndes Counties, the Macon County facilities are permanently prohibited from using electronic bingo machines moving forward.”

Macon County Circuit Judge Steven Perryman said in a filing on Monday his order is “subject to and conditioned upon the law of the State of Alabama as it exists on the day of this order.”

“If the law of Alabama should subsequently change and should 'electronic bingo,' as such term is presently known, be legally permitted in Macon County the injunction entered hereto shall be dissolved in all respects, and nothing herein shall prohibit Defendants from engaging in 'electronic bingo,'” Perryman said.

In September, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that electronic bingo was illegal in Lowndes and Macon Counties.

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