Gulf Shores city leaders are examining city ordinances to see if anything can be done to stiffen penalties for certain violations following the March 27 shooting that left one injured.

Public information officer Grant Brown told 1819 News he doesn’t think the shooting impacted the family-friendly reputation of the city. However, he hopes the administration working with the police department can calm his fears.

“We are looking at beefing up some ordinances to deter anybody from doing anything like discharging firearms,” Brown said.

The city is considering changing the mandatory minimum jail time for discharging firearms within city limits. Brown said the police department is taking the lead on identifying deterrents.

The March 27 shooting followed a shooting in the same area the year before. Many of the businesses in the area, including The Hangout and Surf Style, are owned by the same person, Shaul Zislin. The latest shooting occurred after a group of people were congregating in the parking lot of Surf Style.

“The police department breaks up groups congregating in city parking lots, the paid lots,” Brown added. “On private property parking lots, we cannot do anything about that.”

Brown told 1819 News that the city had been in continued discussions with Zislin, who he said had always been a “good partner.”

“He owns a large amount of those areas,” Brown said. “We have been in regular conversations with him, not just with this but with everything and he has always been a good partner. With the venue there, they have a lot of live music and events, and he also has to keep the noise within his property and hires his own, every large private security.”

Brown said the most recent shooting was an isolated and tragic incident. Still, he said police added additional patrols in the area.

“The police response was immediate and swift,” he continued. “As far as reputational awareness, people still think Gulf Shores is a family-friendly destination, and I don’t think this incident has changed that reputation.”

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