The city of Loxley invested in a new software program that leaders believe will help with response times and investigations.

The Prepared Live software uses technology to enable callers to 911 to live-stream video to dispatchers during emergencies. After connecting with a dispatcher on a mobile device, a caller can opt to be connected to Prepared Live. The caller is sent a link that will allow them to stream video, send photos, text with dispatch or send their GPS location.

“When a call is received, our dispatch office basically texts that number a link, and then all they have to do is click on that link,” explained Loxley Police Department Lt. Doug Phillips. “It’s all archived, recorded in the system, so if we have to pull it back for any evidentiary purposes, we can do that. So, it’s pretty neat.”

The system can help in cases involving domestic violence, missing persons, missing animals, vehicle accidents, fires and other emergencies.

Prepared Live Instructions Alabama News

Phillips said the new software would improve emergency response and investigations across the large jurisdiction by offering real-time information to first responders.

“Loxley has the largest land-mass jurisdiction in the county,” he added. “We’re just under 120 square miles, something roughly like that, so we cover a pretty large area, and obviously, this is something that will help us with responses and response times and information.”

The option is one that callers can refuse if they do not feel comfortable sharing their information. Prepared Live also explained that the user could stop sharing information anytime.

For more information on Prepared Live or how a city can test out the software, click here.

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