According to Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary Ellen McNair, workers at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance should "carefully evaluate the promises being made" by United Auto Workers (UAW) before they continue down the path of officially unionizing.

UAW announced on Wednesday that 30% of the plant's workforce had signed union authorization cards.

"The Alabama Department of Commerce and the state's entire economic development team just want to echo Governor Kay Ivey's thoughts on this issue: Alabama's auto industry has achieved amazing success over three decades without any help from the UAW," McNair told 1819 News on Thursday,

"We are proud of the strong partnership our automotive manufacturers have with their team members and the opportunities these careers have provided for Alabama families," he said. "We urge Alabama's autoworkers to carefully evaluate the promises being made by the union before they insert a middleman in the relationship with their employer. We think workers should listen to both sides of this story before making a decision that could bring unintended consequences."

Alabama is a right-to-work state. Mercedes-Benz chose Alabama for the site of its first American manufacturing facility in 1993.

"Mercedes-Benz U.S. International (MBUSI) has a strong record of success over the past 25+ years operating as One Team in Alabama. Central to our success is our positive team culture that includes an open-door policy. MBUSI has a proven record of competitively compensating Team Members and providing many additional benefits. We believe open and direct communication with our Team Members is the best path forward to ensure continued success. Whether to unionize is our Team Members' decision, and MBUSI will respect whatever is decided," a Mercedes-Benz spokesman told 1819 News on Thursday.

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