The Jim Zeigler for Secretary of State campaign announced on Sunday it received an endorsement from the Common Sense Campaign (CSC). The CSC Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse State Auditor Jim Zeigler’s bid to be Alabama’s next Secretary of State. Zeigler is term-limited and cannot run for a third term as State Auditor. Similarly, current Secretary of State John H. Merrill (R) is term-limited from running for the office again.

Dr. Lou Campomenosi is the President of CSC.

"This race is too important to wait until closer to the May 24th Primary to endorse a candidate,” Campomenosi said. “Alabama came out of the 2020 election with high marks for election integrity, and it is our view that given the many problems we witnessed from other states in 2020, it is absolutely essential that our next Secretary of State will build on what has been done right in Alabama and strengthen those areas of our election system that need our attention.

"In making an early endorsement, CSC wants to emphasize that Mr. Zeigler represents a politician Alabamians can trust! He has been elected to statewide office twice, so we know he can stand the intense scrutiny necessary to ensure we know who Jim Zeigler is--a key issue in being able to trust what a candidate says about what they want to do if elected. Jim Zeigler has an eight-year record of doing what he said he would do!

Campomenosi said Zeigler is a patriotic conservative.

“He is a 'MAGA' man who believes in 'Draining the Swamp' and maintaining a close check on spending while getting the job done," Campomenosi said. "He will protect our voting system from bad actors because he has already demonstrated the willingness to use his office to uphold the law when faced with violations of improper use of state property.  We know that he will challenge groups trying to undermine election integrity by fighting in the courts just as his predecessor did on many occasions."

Campomenosi also said he believes Zeiger will fight for the people.

“He successfully led the grassroots campaign against Gov. [Kay] Ivey's outrageous toll on I-10 and her attempt to centralize the State Board of Education (SBOE) by taking away your right to vote for your SBOE member," Campomenosi said. "This is yet another reason why we can trust Jim Zeigler not to cave to pressure to loosen election laws from the radical-Left or from the GOP “RINO” Establishment. CSC believes that Jim Zeigler has the character, background, experience, and leadership to do an outstanding job as our Secretary of State and we strongly urge all voters to support him for Secretary of State on May 24th."

The Common Sense Campaign is most active in Baldwin and Mobile counties. It was started in 2009 as one of the earliest Tea Parties, fighting against Obamacare, President Barack H Obama's (D) "Affordable Healthcare Plan" which they opposed.

“The job of Secretary of State will be vital over the next eight years,” Zeigler said on social media. “Alabama needs a proven fighter against government overreach to defend our election process as Secretary of State.”

Wes Allen, Christian Horn, Ed Packard, and Jim Zeigler are all running in the Republican primary on May 24.

The Republican nominee will face Democrat Pamela Laffitte in the Nov. 8 general election.

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