The U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday released a jobs report that, while showing job growth, failed to meet economists’ more robust expectations. However, President Joe Biden is proud of what he is seeing.

“Today’s national unemployment rate fell below 4% to 3.9% - the sharpest one-year drop in unemployment in United States history; the first time the unemployment rate has been under 4% in the first year of a presidential term in 50 years,” Biden said. “3.9% unemployment rate — years faster than experts said we’d be able do it.  And we have added 6.4 million new jobs since January of last year — in one year. And that’s one of the most — that’s the most jobs in any calendar year by any president in history. How?  How?  How did that happen?”

Congressman Barry Moore (R-AL02) blamed President Joseph R. Biden (D) and his policies for the disappointing report.

“Another discouraging jobs report under President Biden’s leadership,” Moore said. “Just like his vow to 'shut down' the coronavirus, President Biden has fallen short on his promise - reporting only 199,000 added in December- less than half of the jobs projected. These disappointing jobs report is just the latest unfortunate sign that Biden’s economic crisis will continue into 2022.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA23) agreed with Moore’s sentiments about the job report.

“President Biden has been in office for nearly a year, and our economy is still missing millions of pre-pandemic jobs, consumers are facing inflationary pressure not felt in nearly 40 years, and employers continue to struggle with a persistent labor shortage," McCarthy said.

McCarthy said the jobs report showed the nation is at least 200,000 jobs short of what was expected.

“The labor participation rate should be climbing," McCarthy said. "Instead, the world’s greatest economy is being smothered by Washington Democrats’ government overreach and mandates."

Biden credited the American Rescue Plan for getting the economy back on track by allowing 200 million Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The president said when it comes to employers needing workers, it's all because their employees have found better opportunities.

“There’s been a lot of press coverage about people quitting their jobs,” Biden said. “Well, today’s report tells you why: Americans are moving up to better jobs, with better pay, with better benefits. That’s why they’re quitting their jobs. This isn’t about workers walking away and refusing to work. It’s about workers able to take a step up to provide for themselves and their families.”

Biden continued, making it clear that he is proud of what he has done since taking office.

“This is the kind of recovery I promised and hope for the American people, where the biggest benefits go to the people who work the hardest and are more often left behind,” said Biden. “The people who have been ignored before.  The people who just want a decent chance to build a decent life for their families, just given a clear shot. For them, wages are up, job opportunities are up, layoffs are down to the lowest levels in decades, and there are more chances than ever to get ahead.”

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