The Alabama Supreme Court has scheduled the execution of a man convicted of killing three men in a workplace shooting rampage more than two decades ago.

Alan Eugene Miller, 57, is set to be executed by lethal injection on Sept. 22, after his appeals were rejected in multiple court systems, including an appeal rejection by the U.S Supreme Court.

Miller, a truck driver, was arrested on Aug. 5, 1999, for three murders in two locations in a one-day shooting spree. An employee at Ferguson Enterprise in Pelham testified that he saw Miller leaving an area where the bodies of Lee Holdbrooks and Scott Yancy were discovered.

According to court documents, Miller drove a few miles away from the two initial murders to Post Airgas, where Miller had previously worked. Miller was convicted of killing Terry Jarvis, a former coworker at Post Airgas, whom Miller believed was spreading rumors about him being gay.

Another worker at Post Airgas called the police, who arrested Miller in his truck on a highway.

During court proceedings, a defense psychiatrist testified that Miller was mentally ill. However, the psychiatrist also said Miller's condition wasn't debilitating enough to use as a basis for an insanity defense under state law.

Jurors convicted Miller after 20 minutes of deliberation and then recommended a death sentence, which a judge imposed under Alabama's capital punishment law at the time.

Courts previously rejected Miller's claims that neither the jury nor a judge specified aggravating circumstances that made him eligible for the death penalty. Courts also rejected Miller's arguments that the judge instructed jurors about the law improperly and that his defense lawyer was ineffective.

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