Two former Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) officers have been charged for allegedly using CashApp to receive funds in exchange for smuggling contraband into an Elmore County prison facility.

According to court records, Eli Charlie Deramus and Bunion Thomas were arrested last week by ADOC's Investigation and Intelligence Division under suspicion of using their office for financial gain. The arrests came after officials conducted a search of an inmate's contraband cellphone and found communications between the inmate and "multiple ADOC officers."

Court records show that after their arrest and Miranda Rights, both Deramus and Thomas confessed to receiving CashApp payments to smuggle contraband into the prison. Deramus allegedly received $3,500 from the single inmate, while Thomas only received approximately $360.

Both officers resigned from their positions before they were transported to the Elmore County Detention Facility, where they posted bail.

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