Documents from the Circuit Court of Montgomery County indicate that the sentencing trail for former State Rep. Will Dismukes has been moved to July 17.

Officials charged Dismukes in June 2021 with theft of property in excess of $2,500 from a flooring contractor company between 2016 to 2018, but he pled not guilty that August. Nevertheless, A jury found him guilty of first-degree felony theft of property last month.

Sentencing for Dismukes was initially set to take place on May 4 in Montgomery, but his lawyers requested that the court delay the sentencing trial for several reasons, including the recent suicide of Dismukes’ father, Bill Dismukes, which occurred on April 15, a day after his son’s conviction.

The lawyers also said they didn’t think the pre-sentence investigation application would be ready for his sentencing trial.

Dismukes served in the Alabama House of Representatives from 2018 to 202. He lost re-election in the Republican primary to now State Rep. Jerry Starnes (R-Prattville).

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