A city attorney in Tuscaloosa recently warned businesses to get a grip on the overcrowding issues brought about by Crimson Tide football season or the police would begin making arrests. 

In a letter dated September 16, City Attorney Scott Holmes reminded Tuscaloosa’s business community that exceeding occupancy limits is illegal. 

Under Tuscaloosa law, fire officials can cease business activity for up to 24 hours. The Tuscaloosa Police Department (TPD) may enforce this law in any establishment with an alcoholic beverage license. 

“We are only two weeks into this football season, and the Tuscaloosa Police and Fire Departments have already dealt with multiple businesses exceeding their occupancy limits,” Holmes wrote.

Holmes advised that there would be a “zero tolerance” policy for overcrowding and businesses caught exceeding their occupancy limits would be closed immediately. 

“The [TPD] will begin arresting business owners, managers or staff deemed to be responsible for the overcrowding,” Holmes wrote. “Please make sure your occupancy counts are accurate, and remember that your staff members must be included in that count.”

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