The Iron Bowl is more than a football game for fans in Alabama. It's a deep-rooted tradition that never fails to entertain and where the outcome is never certain.

Although Auburn lost 27-24 to Alabama Saturday, conservative political commentator Dan Bongino felt a winning spirit throughout the game on the Plains.

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Bongino, born and raised in New York, said he woke up experiencing a positive feeling the morning after.

"Between Georgia, Maryland, Florida and Alabama, we've been around," Bongino posted on Facebook. "And I've really grown attached to Southerners, and here's why …

"-God matters. Their faith is central to their lives, and they're proud of it," the post stated. "Nothing comes before God. Nothing.

"-Manners and structure matter. They're not vestigial structures from a bygone era. They're links to the past and bridges to the future that instill order and discipline in a chaotic world.

"-They're proud, but not arrogant. I once offered to buy a friend of a friend a pair of new boots because his were beat up, and he flatly refused to take the offer. I saw it in his eyes, and I instantly regretted it. I knew I had misjudged the situation, and although my intentions were pure, I was angry at myself for not reading the room better.

"-They absolutely love college football. But the love is pure, not contaminated. I sat with 80,000 plus people in Auburn watching a game that had zero chance of the home team producing a championship. I watched them scream, I watched them hug their wives and kids with a joy I've never seen before as each insane play of an amazing game unfolded. I also watched them cry at an ending they didn't expect. And, despite the ending, I watched them treat the Roll Tide fans with absolute respect on the way out. No fights. No evil. Just a pure, innocent, love of the game."

Bongino ended the post by giving thanks to Southerners he has met, which includes U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise), who posted a photo with Bongino at the game saying, "Great seeing this patriot at the game this weekend!"

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"I often joke on my podcast and radio show how I'd like you all (y'all?) to adopt me, but I'm happy just being an observer," he stated. "To the people I have met down South, thank you for so deeply enriching my life. And to those I haven't, God bless y'all."

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