Decatur Police Chief Todd Pinion said the internal investigation into the death of Steve Perkins has been completed.

Perkins, 39, was shot by officers on September 29 during an incident with a tow truck driver. The tow truck driver was trying to repossess Perkins' truck and told police he flashed a gun at them. So, he went back with police backup. That's when Perkins came outside, was told to get on the ground, and was shot multiple times.

An attorney for the Perkins family said Perkins did not have time to comply with police before he was gunned down, and they have home surveillance video to prove it.

“My thoughts remain with the family and friends of Steve Perkins and all who have been impacted by his death,” Pinion said in a press release. “As the processes of the Decatur Police Department’s internal investigation and Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s criminal investigation unfold, I recognize the pace of this process may be frustrating to many who are waiting for answers.”

While the internal investigation is complete, the chief said he must hold a predetermination hearing to review the findings. If policy violations are found, that information will be presented to the mayor, who will decide on disciplinary matters.

“I will share the results of my predetermination hearing with you once it has been completed,” Pinion added. “I anticipate that could occur within the coming week. While the Decatur Police Department is not in control of when information pertaining to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s criminal investigation will be released, I remain committed to encouraging it be shared as soon as feasible. The City of Decatur and our police department remain committed to sharing any significant updates in this case as they become available. The Decatur Police Department vowed to be transparent during the investigation into the death of Stephen Perkins.”

ALEA said in a press release that Perkins "brandished a weapon towards officers" during the incident, which led to the shooting.

When ALEA concludes its investigation, findings will be presented to the Morgan County District Attorney's Office.

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