Selma Mayor James Perkins declared a local state of emergency late Sunday, warning of the possibility the city could run out of water.

According to Perkins, "bursting" water pipes due to the "deep freeze" conditions are responsible.

"Citizens of Selma, due to the deep freeze, water pipes are bursting throughout the city causing a major loss of water to the point that if not stopped, there is a real possibility that we will run out of water," Perkins said in the release. 

Perkins called on Selma residents to check underneath their homes for damaged pipes.

"If you have a busted pipe, you need to turn your water off at the meter," he said. "Immediately catch some water for flushing, washing, and drinking, and immediately turn the water off at the meter."

"There are several pipes busted in local businesses and as we identify those locations [where] water is running out of doors or windows, we are turning the water off," Perkins continued. "But we cannot check all locations. You must check your business location as soon as possible. This is an EMERGENCY!"

"THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!" he added. "We must stop as many leaks as possible or we will run out of water."

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