State Rep. Marilyn Lands (D-Huntsville) is not letting the national publicity from her win over Teddy Powell last Tuesday go to waste.

Lands has been a regular on MSNBC over the last several days, including Saturday, with an appearance on "Velshi."

During her appearances, the Madison County Democratic lawmaker touted the value of challenging Alabama's pro-life policies throughout her special election campaign.

On Saturday, she announced a political action committee geared toward state elections and getting more women elected.

"[I] think people are really fed up with the political divisiveness right now," Lands explained. "And I think people are starting to really recognize the importance of state and local elections in being the place where we can really begin to start change. And I think that my victory really helps illustrate that for people — that people are learning they need to pay more attention to what happens at the state level, and to that end, my supporters have forms of the political action committee, Respect Alabama, to get more women elected in the state. So that is something else we are pushing for. It is ... Respect Alabama 2026 (dot) com, if any of your viewers have an interest in learning more."

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