With less than two months to go before the primary election on March 5, a race for a Montgomery County Circuit Judge seat is starting to get entertaining.

Judge Jimmy Pool isn't seeking re-election to the 15th Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama due to a state law that bars any judicial candidates over 70 from being elected or appointed. 

The two qualified candidates in the Democratic primary to replace Pool are Montgomery County District Judge Monet Gaines and Greg Griffin, Jr. Gaines is the wife of Montgomery County Circuit Judge J.R. Gaines. Griffin, Jr. is the son of Montgomery County Circuit Judge Greg Griffin, Sr.

Griffin, Sr. is also running as a Democrat candidate for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

The elder Griffin is supporting his son in the race. Pool is supporting Gaines.

Griffin, Sr. said in a recent campaign announcement last week, "My son, Greg Griffin, is smart, but it's not just book smart that I speak of." 

"Greg is a chip off the old block and has an enormous amount of common sense. In my opinion, we need more judges with good old common sense. My son, Greg, is sensible. Just like me, there's never a big me, little you. He has impeccable character, integrity, strength, and courage. He has, just like me, more guts than a hog and sometimes that is exactly what it takes to carry out justice," he added.  

Pool has said on social media recently that Gaines is better qualified for the seat.

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Pool has also criticized Griffin, Sr.'s long-shot Supreme Court bid as a Democrat since he was appointed by former Republican Gov. Robert Bentley in 2014 to his Circuit Judge seat.

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Griffin, Sr. defended his appointment by Bentley and his son's candidacy.

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