Former State State Sen. Dick Brewbaker, Republican candidate for Alabama's newly drawn second congressional district, endorsed former President Donald Trump's comeback bid for the White House on Wednesday.

Brewbaker said, "President Trump retaking The White House is critical to our nation and the world," adding, "I have been working in Republican politics most of my life, and coming together to support President Trump is the smartest thing we can do as a party."

In a statement, Brewbaker pointed to the border catastrophe, the failure of Bidenomics and the need to get America back on a sound fiscal footing. He said he offered his "full-throated" endorsement of Trump.

Brewbaker stressed that every election was essential and that America may not be able to recover if President Joe Biden is given another four years in the White House.

He concluded, "It is that important – and it's not just the economy – it is our way of life as freedom-loving people that is at stake if we let them put a non-compos mentis octogenarian in charge of the free world for another term."

The Republican primary election is on March 5. However, unlike most of Alabama's congressional districts, this race will not be decided by the Republican or Democrat primary. The general election will be a hard-fought race between the nominees and will shape which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives.

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