The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) added a missing person to its missing adult database on August 5, nearly nine years after he disappeared.

Jefferson "Ryles" Chapman of Dothan, then 25, was last seen on Dec. 18, 2013. He would now be 34 years old.

Chapman's family said the last time they saw him, he was living in the pool house at his parent's residence. He was seen running from the home and yelling that someone was chasing him. He was wearing only boxer shorts and no shoes.

A friend reported seeing him about 30 minutes later at the entrance to the family's neighborhood. Although no other reported sightings of Chapman have been confirmed since, one friend did claim to see him at Club La Vela in Panama City, Florida. That sighting and numerous other reports have not been confirmed with evidence.

Chapman is 6-feet-1-inch tall, and at the time of his disappearance he weighed around 180 pounds. He has a tattoo on his back that reads "CHAPMAN," a tattoo on his left forearm that reads, "Life Goes On," angel wings across his ribs, a tattoo on his chest that reads, "Saylor Grace" with a heart and key, and a “Chelsie” tattoo on his ring finger.

If you have information on the disappearance of Chapman, please call the Dothan Police Department at (334) 793-0215.

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