The Dothan Police Department arrested two individuals on Wednesday after the dispatch computer system used by the Dothan Police Department, Houston County Sheriff's Department and the Houston County Emergency Management had allegedly been accessed by someone who was not authorized to do so.

The Houston County Commission also placed Emergency Management director Chris Judah on administrative leave shortly before the two arrests were made on Wednesday.

Houston County Commission chairman Brandon Shoupe told the Dothan Eagle since the issues stemmed from the Houston County EMA, Judah would remain on leave until the investigation is complete.

"The problems emanated from within the EMA office under director Judah's watch, so that is the reason why we decided to place him on admin leave," Shoupe said. "I'm not saying he did anything illegal; I want to be clear about that. But given the circumstances, we felt it would be best to place him on admin leave until we can further determine the facts."

According to the Dothan Police Department, Jesse Ryan Taylor, of Dothan, has been charged with 12 counts of computer tampering and has no bond. Taylor, an employee of and a contractor for Dothan/Houston County EMA, is currently out on bond for an indictment on a theft of property charge from 2022 in which he was charged for the theft of fentanyl from a Dothan Fire Station while employed as a Dothan fireman. A Houston County Judge has now revoked that bond due to the new charges.

Amy Johnson Granberry, of Dothan, has been charged with 12 counts of computer tampering. Her bond has been set at $180,000.00. Granberry, the assistant communication director with the City of Dothan Communication Center, has been placed on administrative leave pending a due process hearing regarding her employment.

A spokesperson for the Dothan Police Department said, "It does not appear that any personal or individual information has been compromised."

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