The recent call from Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo to halt the COVID shots is a belated, yet wonderful, New Year's gift to all. 

The COVID shots, technically categorized as “experimental biological genetic agents,” had a truly horrendous impact on the world and the heinous behavior of the public health apparatus. From the astronomical excess deaths to the historically large increase in disability claims, it seems clear that the shots never should have been allowed, much less promoted. Add in the fact that these effects were caused by an agent forced on the public, and it seems the time for reckoning is upon us. 

There are many proven problems associated with these shots. Thankfully, it seems the vast majority of Americans now do not want any part of them, evidenced by the fact that there's been only a slight uptake in the newest edition of them. 

Regardless, there are still many questions about these shots that demand answers. One of the simplest is: Given that the spike protein has been a known toxin for over 15 years, why would we ever give ourselves a shot that then forces the body to make a large volume of the toxin? 

There are many other simple questions that a person trained in the scientific method should have been asking about the shots from the start; unfortunately, discussion and debate has been squashed by those in charge. That’s why it’s wonderful that a public official in a leadership role has finally stepped up and said ENOUGH! 

This step only came after Florida’s imminently trained state surgeon forced the issue after being stonewalled by the FDA and CDC. Given the duty that is required of all those in leadership – from county coroners, to county and state health officers, to the state's hospital and medical associations – how have officials been allowed to perpetuate such death and destruction on Alabamians? Where is the leadership from our governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general (via consumer protection) as well as county and city leaders to check these officials given the abundance of evidence regarding their failures? 

In November 2021, Alabama’s U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville stood up in the Health Committee and asked Drs. Fauci, Walensky and other so-called health leaders why there was no decline in COVID deaths in 2021 compared to 2020 (despite the “vaccine” rollout). The answer, of course, is that the shots increase the risks from COVID, while also directly injuring and killing. 

Unfortunately, it seems officials knew about these detrimental effects. Following the launch of the COVID shots in December 2020, Pfizer and the FDA tried to delay the release of documents showing evidence about the shots, asking them to be sealed for 75 years. Thankfully, a federal judge denied this request and demanded a release. The first batch of records, released in March 2022, included a CONFIDENTIAL 38-page letter between the FDA and Pfizer which revealed the internal assessment of the injuries and deaths incurred within the first 10 weeks of the shots' release. The numbers of injuries and deaths were staggering to say the least. 

The week after these documents were released, I acted as a witness at a federal trial in Tampa about the data collected by the FDA and Pfizer. The Department of Defense and the Department of Justice had no legitimate response to this data. Thankfully, the judge rightly agreed and ruled in our favor within 18 hours. 

The overwhelming data confirms the reality that the COVID shots should have never been approved, promoted or administered. Thanks be to God and Florida that honest science is being rejuvenated!

Dr. Tankersley is a fourth-generation physician serving in the Montgomery area. He also served on three deployments in the U.S. Army’s Medical Corp, retiring in 2021 as a Colonel in the Alabama Army National Guard. In 2012, Gov. Robert Bentley appointed him to a five-year term on the Alabama Ethics Commission, and in 2020, Gov. Kay Ivey appointed him to the state’s vaccine working group. Besides being involved in church activities, Dr. Tankersley enjoys reading and spending time with his family. 

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