The rough-and-tumble of attack ad politics has caused U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant to sour on former Business Council of Alabama CEO and President Katie Britt, one of his opponents in Tuesday's Republican U.S. Senate primary.

During a press gaggle at an event captured on video by Huntsville television WHNT's Emily Moessner, Durant said he was still "confident" about his prospects. However, he said he would "absolutely" support his other opponent, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville), if he were to miss the June 21 runoff.

"If I don't make the runoff, it's absolutely [because of] misinformation," Durant said. "I'm confident we will make the runoff because I hear from the voters all over the state. They see through it -- not all of them, but the majority see through it. But absolutely -- it's pretty clear. I had a double-digit lead before all of these false attack ads came out. And that's just not right.

"It's an unlikely scenario, but I would absolutely support Congressman Brooks because the way the Britt campaign has handled this race -- if you're going to be that corrupt in an election, then you're going to be that corrupt in office. We've got enough of that."

Recent polling data shows Durant is in third place, trailing Brooks. He could miss the runoff despite once leading Britt by double-digits.

Should a candidate not exceed 50% on Tuesday, the top two finishers with go head to head in a June 21 runoff election.

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