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Britt and brooks Alabama News
Trump may refrain from endorsements in Senate race

Both the Katie Britt and Mo Brooks' campaigns have asked former President Donald J. Trump for his endorsement in the June 21 Republican runoff; but it is possible that he won't endorse either of them.

Money Alabama News
SuperPAC spending over $24.5M on Alabama U.S. Senate race, country's third-most expensive says OpenSecrets

Even though it has yet to be settled with a June 21 primary looming, campaign finance tracking website reports Alabama's U.S. Senate race was the third-most expensive of the 2022 election cycle thus far.

Mike Durant primary HQ 7 Alabama News
Durant concedes, endorsement of Brooks still up in air

U.S. Senatorial candidate Mike Durant conceded on Tuesday night during the Republican primary election after falling behind opponents Katie Britt and Mo Brooks.

Mo Brooks Mike Durant Alabama News
Durant hints at Mo Brooks endorsement if he misses runoff, calls Britt campaign 'corrupt'

The rough-and-tumble of attack ad politics has caused U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant to sour on former Business Council of Alabama CEO and president Katie Britt, one of his opponents in Tuesday's Republican U.S. Senate primary.

Ted Cruz Mo Brooks Alabama News
Mo Brooks accepts massive Republican endorsements on eve of Alabama primary

Congressman Mo Brooks received a bevy of support from veritable conservative celebrities, while Mike Durant kept the campaign wheels moving on the eve of Alabama’s Republican Primary.  

Durant and boykin Alabama News
Retired Lt. Gen. who served with Durant says he is a 'miracle' and 'warrior'

Retired Lt. General William “Jerry” Boykin, who deployed multiple times with U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant, announced his endorsement for his comrade just days before the Alabama primary election.

Durant Alabama News
Durant vows to relinquish Pinnacle Solutions president, CEO role but remain on board if elected to U.S. Senate

However, during a recent appearance on Birmingham radio 105.5 WERC's "Alabama Morning News with JT," U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant explained what was next for Pinnacle Solutions should he be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Britt Katie U S Senate Candidate Photo by Erica Thomas Alabama News
Hugh Culverhouse gives $200,000 to PAC supporting Britt

A Florida landowner, who in 2019 encouraged students at the University of Alabama (UA) to boycott the school and state over the passage of an anti-abortion law, donated $200,000 to a super PAC that supports candidate for U.S. Senate Katie Britt. 

Durant Mike AL Senate Candidate Richard Shotwell Invision AP Alabama News
SEAL PAC endorses Mike Durant

"America and Alabama need strong conservative warriors like Mike that will defend freedom and liberty,” said Chairman Ryan Zinke.

Mike durant Alabama News
Combat Veterans PAC endorses Durant

The Combat Veteran’s For Congress Political Action Committee announced that it is endorsing Mike Durant for U.S. Senate.

Senaterace Alabama News
New U.S. Senate poll: Britt 27, Brooks 20, Durant 20

The second consecutive poll shows former Business Council of Alabama president and CEO Katie Britt leading the way in the race for the Republican Party nod in Alabama's U.S. Senate race.

File 97553cc6 25e2 4887 aeac e9ad1aec88aa Alabama News
VIDEO: Mike Durant releases television ad taking aim at ‘mumbling Joe’

Republican candidate for United States Senate Mike Durant released a new television ad Wednesday calling President Joe Biden a failure...

File a0554f56 98a3 4b8d 84dc 6a8ad31349af Alabama News
General Flynn endorses Durant

The campaign of veteran and businessman Mike Durant (R) announced the endorsement of retired Lieutenant Gen. Michael T. Flynn on Tuesday....

File 0e2b7253 1a0f 4239 ad57 9f8d5749376f Alabama News
Katie Britt leads Senate field in funds raised in 2021

On Tuesday, Senate candidate Katie Boyd Britt announced that her Republican 2022 campaign for the U.S. Senate has raised almost $5...

File 711f1bbc 0ade 40e5 b976 bce5060a03de Alabama News
Senate candidate Mike Durant signs Term Limits pledge

U.S. Senate candidate Mike Durant signed a U.S. Term Limits Pledge on Wednesday, Jan. 26. In the document, the republican candidate...

File b4a506c3 479d 427e 9302 7e8ffd92a459 Alabama News
Candidates for Senate, Auditor and Secretary of State address Republican Party group

The St. Clair County Courthouse was packed Thursday for the St. Clair County Republican Party meeting, where three candidates showed...

File ef5b4755 07d2 4a9a a1e2 a82e31e709f8 Alabama News
Mike Dunn drops out of U.S. Senate race to run for Alabama Senate, endorsing Durant

Iraq War veteran Mike Dunn told 1819 News on Monday that he is running for Alabama Senate District 17 in the Republican primary and...

File 0dc07f28 9912 4d1d 9f5d 489ad2e30eaa Alabama News
Durant says he is no 'trojan horse,' and is running for the 'right reasons'

Mo Brooks has a track record from his time as a U.S. Congressman representing Alabama’s 56th District, while Katie Britt has been in...

File 2ab984c4 826d 4dad b55f 4d3496af84b2 Alabama News
Mike Durant campaigns in Florence about 'the right thing to do'

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Durant was in Florence on Saturday to speak to the Shoals Republican Club. Durant is a retired...

File d37673e1 01f5 4c6e 8206 8142b7e5cf3d Alabama News
Durant campaign runs ad touting Jessica Taylor endorsement

During a meeting of the Huntsville Republican Women Tuesday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jessica Taylor dropped out of the Senate...

File 3e827c6e aad2 4a58 8874 da3f570b752f Alabama News
Katie Britt officially qualifies in Senate race, has no plans to slow down

U.S. Senate candidate Katie Boyd Britt formally qualified with the Alabama Republican Party to run for Senate in the 2022 primary on...

File 5ae4a915 2a57 4c96 935d 01d57d9c18bc Alabama News
Jessica Taylor drops out of Senate race, announces endorsement

U.S. Senate candidate Jessica Taylor announced on Tuesday that she is withdrawing from the Senate campaign and is endorsing veteran...

File 6ac3d6d7 0ca6 474b 9356 c9973a84e1d7 Alabama News
Brooks has a five-point lead in new poll

By Brandon Moseley A new poll by McLaughlin & Associates, commissioned independent from any campaign or entity that supports a candidate...

File 6f68bae6 fb13 4848 b850 dc87178c56a0 Alabama News
Mike Durant releases a new campaign ad

By Brandon Moseley Mike Durant is the latest candidate to get in the race for U.S. Senate and he is wasting no time testing the waters....

File 699682fb 5398 4119 8d76 1294e7b5e6bc Alabama News
New poll shows Britt leading Brooks and other candidates for U.S. Senate

A new poll on the Republican primary in Alabama shows Katie Britt ahead of all other candidates running for U.S. Senate. Cygnal, an...

File c25c4e9f eb5c 4ab5 9d12 9d210fc6b6c8 Alabama News
Real life ‘Black Hawk Down’ hero puts name in hat for Alabama Senate

By Erica Thomas A new Republican Senate candidate emerged Tuesday after Mike Durant made his intentions known. The former POW and author...