One of the highlights of U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Durant's resume as a candidate is that he founded Huntsville's Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. in 2008 and grew it from a home-based startup business into a company with over 500 employees and more than 175 subcontractor personnel, according to Durant's campaign website.

Since officially qualifying with the Alabama Republican Party as a candidate for U.S. Senate, Durant has formally transferred ownership of the company over to his employees.

While on the campaign trail, Durant has continued his role as the company's president and chief executive officer.

However, during a recent appearance on Birmingham radio 105.5 WERC's "Alabama Morning News with JT," Durant explained what was next for Pinnacle Solutions should he be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Durant told host JT Nysewander that a transition was already underway for the new president and CEO. However, he also said he would remain on the company's board in a non-compensated role should he be elected.

"Ownership is already transferred," Durant said. "I don't own it anymore. The employees own it now. And I am still in my role as president and CEO, but I am leaving either way. And you know, one thing about leadership is you don't want ambiguity in your organization. So I wanted people to know, look, no matter what happens, I'm done by December. So my backfill is already identified. She's been working with me or for me for 18 years, super solid. And she has already started picking up my duties.

"I've already checked with the Senate Ethics Committee. I can be on the board. And it's just good for continuity. I won't be compensated, but I'll be there for basically the historical knowledge that I bring, having founded the company."

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