Republican candidate for United States Senate Mike Durant released a new television ad Wednesday calling President Joe Biden a failure and featuring some of the president’s “mumbling” moments.

"He’s embarrassing our country and I’m going to stop him because the career politicians won’t,” Durant said in the commercial.

The title of the ad is “Different Language” and it focuses on comparing Biden’s stance on illegal immigration to President Donald Trump’s stance on the same issue.

“President Trump made it clear on day one: they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime and we stop it all by building a wall,” said Durant in the ad. “Joe Biden speaks a different language. His open border policy has allowed drugs and criminals to pour into our country.”

Durant said he was inspired to take aim at Biden's border policy because it is putting the American people in danger.

“Joe Biden is embarrassing this country and his open border policy has left our communities vulnerable," Durant told 1819 News. "Donald Trump was right: they’re bringing crime and they’re bringing drugs. We can stop all of it by building the wall.”

The war hero said after seeing things that have happened in the country, he is now ready to go to Washington to fight for the people.

"Securing the border is extremely important," said Durant. "It’s simple: without a border, we don’t have a country. In the Senate, I’ll deliver on the America First agenda and stop Joe Biden’s open border policies because the career politicians won’t.” 

You can watch the full commercial below.

Durant is a 22-year veteran of the US Army, and after retiring, he built an engineering services company, Pinnacle Solutions, in Huntsville with significant government defense contracts.

Durant faces a competitive Republican primary field that includes: Jake Schafer, former Business Council President and CEO Katie Boyd BrittCongressman Mo Brooks (R-AL05), and Karla Dupriest.

The Republican Party primary will be held on May 24.

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