The Combat Veterans For Congress Political Action Committee announced that it is endorsing Mike Durant for U.S. Senate.

The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC offers support for combat veterans running for office, including veterans like Congressman Darrell Issa, running for re-election in the 50th Congressional District of California; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas; Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas; and Congressman Trent Kelly of Mississippi.

Durant is an Army veteran and former prisoner of war.

The Combat Veterans for Congress website says of its process, “We spend an inordinate amount of time vetting all the Combat Veteran’s records who want to run for Congress and end up endorsing a relatively small percentage of those under review, to try to ensure that they measure up to the elected Combat Veterans For Congress.”

Upon receiving the endorsement, Durant said, “I am humbled to have the support of the Combat Veterans for Congress organization. There is no greater honor than having the support of my brothers and sisters in the armed forces. I spent 22 years in the Army defending our freedoms with the toughest warriors in the world. In the Senate, I will be a fierce fighter for our military and will always ensure that they have the resources and support necessary to complete the mission.”

Combat Veterans For Congress PAC was co-founded in August 2009 by Congressman Barry M. Goldwater (R-AZ) (Ret) and Capt Joseph R. John, USNA ’62, USN (Ret)/Former FBI. The PAC is a stand-alone organization and has no affiliation with any political party, and according to its website, the organization seeks out combat veterans to run for Congress.

“Durant understands issues facing members of the US Armed Forces and will ensure they are cared for both while serving their country on active duty, as reservists, and in their retirement years as Veterans,” said John in a statement. “He strongly supports The Free Enterprise System, opposes Communist China’s Marxist agenda a threat to the founding principles of the Republic, and will work to stop the out-of-control spending by irresponsible Socialist Democrat members of Pelosi’s Marxist Caucus.  CW4 Durant will support securing the wide-open southern border to prevent the entry of drugs, MS-13 gang members, terrorists, human traffickers, and the over 200,000 Illegal Aliens from 160 countries who are entering the United States each month.”

Durant is running against Katie Britt, Congressman Mo Brooks, Lillie Boddie, Karla DuPriest, and Jake Schafer for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

Will Boyd, Brandaun Dean, and Lanny Jackson are all running for the Democratic nomination for Senate.

Both primaries are on May 24. The two nominees will face each other in the Nov. 8 general election.

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