The Eagle Forum of Alabama wants to know, “What is a woman?”

Just like the Matt Walsh - Daily Wire documentary, “What is a Woman?” members of Eagle Forum know exactly what that is, but they want the State of Alabama to legally define the term “woman.”

“The bill defines a woman based on the biological definition and ensures that women’s private spaces like locker rooms, bathrooms, shelters, etc. are reserved for biological women,” Eagle Forum stated in a press release.

Eagle Forum sent its 2024 priorities to supporters, and among those were school choice, making gold and silver legal tender, keeping gambling out of Alabama, banning CRT, transparency in education and more.

Eagle Forum also wants lawmakers to ban “debanking.”

“Debanking is the process whereby a bank can close or freeze customer accounts because they disagree with the customer’s political or moral viewpoint,” Eagle Forum stated. “This is un-American. We support legislation that will ban banks from this activity.”

Eagle Forum also wants the Alabama Legislature to show support for the federal government to defund the World Health Organization "WHO," because they say the WHO is transitioning to an international governing body.

Eagle Forum of Alabama will update supporters online throughout the 2024 legislative session.

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