Eagle Forum of Alabama is preparing for a 2024 legislative session by discussing priorities and gearing up for a conference next month.

Becky Gerritson, executive director of Eagle Forum of Alabama, said priorities include tackling predatory gambling, protecting kids from being exposed to online porn, universal school choice, using gold and silver as legal tender, K-12 education and higher education transparency. She said the topics are common sense and practical issues, and she is hopeful for what's to come.

"I am really looking forward to 2024," Gerritson told 1819 News. "We have been working all summer long with our volunteers and working on legislation and so, we are ready to hit the ground running on February 6."

Gerritson is especially hopeful for school choice next year with Gov. Kay Ivey's willingness to write her own bill.

"This is something that Alabama will be facing very soon and we want to make sure that whatever the governor's bill is has protection for families and students and that will be a big issue we will be watching this session," said Gerritson.

While Eagle Forum believes school choice is the best way to improve education in Alabama, Gerritson said many legislators look to others in education organizations instead of focusing on what's best for the classroom.

"The education folks lose their control over students and it provides competition and that means they have to get better because now they are competing for students so that's more work for them," Gerritson said of those who oppose school choice.

Another hot topic bill will aim to declare silver and gold as legal tender.

"With inflation the way it is and our economy in the place that it is, we need to make sure that our money is secure," said Gerritson about the bill.

Eagle Forum of Alabama is a leading grassroots conservative organization in Alabama.

"We like to say that we are your voice at the Capitol," Gerritson added. "Not only in Montgomery but also in D.C. These priorities are all items that help protect and foster families. That is what Eagle Forum really wants to do. We want to cultivate the nuclear family and keep government at bay so people can raise their families with their values, the way they want to. All of these bills have to do with promoting families and helping people to have a better life."

Eagle Forum of Alabama will have a one-day policy conference at the Birmingham First Baptist Church on Jan. 12, 2024. Guest speakers will include Kevin Freeman, who will be speaking about the use of gold and silver as legal tender and Les Bernal, who will be speaking about the dangers of gambling and how it can harm a state. Other priorities will also be discussed.

Registration for the conference is available online.

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