Eastern Shore Republican Women president Judy Barlow attended the 42nd biennial National Federation of Republican Women in Oklahoma City. Barlow said she came back with some tools to use here in Alabama.

“Over 1,000 attendees were there to attend cutting-edge seminars from nationally known Republican speakers to hearing from speakers Tulsi Gabbard, Gordan Chang, Riley Gaines and others,” Barlow told 1819 News. “This was my second convention. I attended the 41st Biennial Convention in Orlando two years ago.”

Barlow said meeting other like-minded women across the United States was great. They discussed ways to fundraise, grow membership and focus on young Republican outreach.

Some of the issues the women identified were securing the border, reining in government spending, creating jobs and growing the economy, the threat from China, lowering inflation, protecting life, education, and lowering taxes, among others.

“One of the top concerns or issues was the definition of a woman as a primary member of our Clubs,” Barlow added. “The Alabama Federation of Republican Women was the first state to define in our bylaws the definition of a woman as a Primary Member after our 41st Biennial Convention in Orlando.”

The NFRW also held a presidential straw poll. The results were Trump 59%, DeSantis 26%, Haley 8%, Pence 2%, all others 5% and 1% undecided.

Barlow said the ESRW will continue to bring Republican candidates to club meetings to allow members to hear what they have to say. They also plan to hold voter registration drives and encourage more participation. She said the national convention helped renew a sense of pride for the Republican party.

“The sense of comradery was amazing, knowing that we are indeed the boots on the ground in the grassroots effort to win our Country back,” she said. “We will be bringing in Republican candidates to our clubs, participating in Voter Registration drives and many other things to get Republican voters to encourage voter participation in the March Primaries and November General Election.”

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