HOOVER — A Hoover City Schools Board of Education meeting got testy on Tuesday over a sexually charged book that had been available to children in school libraries across the district.

Before opening up the meeting for public comment, Hoover City Schools superintendent Dr. Kevin Maddox revealed that two books had recently been reviewed and removed from circulation for being too "sexually explicit." He did not say the titles of either.

"As you know, we have a clearly defined board policy for parents to request reconsideration of books that we have available," Maddox stated. "However, after reviewing these two books, I had both books pulled from the catalog because I do not believe explicit and graphic sexual content is age-appropriate for high school students."

"Those books have been pulled," he added.

After hearing from multiple speakers in the public comment portion, pastor John Amanchukwu, an author and activist, read an excerpt from a book that had been in circulation called "Queer: The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens."

"You know, when you have a DEI office and coordinators and a DEI czar, I guess you need this kind of material to teach kids how to have sex," Amanchukwu told the board.

Some of the book excerpts advised children how to engage in anal sex and encouraged them to try various types to "figure out for yourself what you like."

"Is that educational?" Amanchukwu asked the board, which did not answer.

Members of the audience responded in unison, "No."

"Is that educational?" the pastor asked again, to no reply. "You can't respond, can you? Too weak."

Amanchukwu continued reading from the book, which explained to teens how to use sex toys and then clean them in the dishwasher.

"Yeah, put the dildo with feces on it in the dishwasher right beside maybe your sibling's sippy cup or maybe beside the forks or the knives," he joked.

"Are we teaching kids in this district how to disinfect dildos that go into a person's rear end?" Amanchukwu continued, adding, "This is trash."

Amanchukwu went on to address the men sitting on the board, including Maddox.

"If you keep this filth in this school system, you're either a punk or a pervert. You deserve to not be appointed to this board if you allow this to persist. This is asinine, this is corrupt, and this should be removed," he concluded.

Once he was done speaking, a woman in the crowd spoke up, yelling that Amanchukwu "has no right" to speak at the meeting because he is not from Alabama and does not have children in the system. However, the board allows anyone to speak, regardless of residence, as long as they sign up before the meeting.

After the meeting, Amanchukwu spoke further with reporters about the book and lamented that God was being replaced in schools with "queer ideology."

"It's about propping up a few minorities with the intent of truly trying to force transgenderism and gender dysphoria upon kids," he emphasized. "And so, kids go to school, and as they socially transition and they're met with content like this, we have five men who are on this school board who won't address it, who won't remove the books — they mentioned that they removed some books, but we don't know what those books are. I mean, if you're going to have the courage to acknowledge that you did something prior to the school board meeting, at least tell us what book you removed. We don't know what book they removed."

He argued the board was facilitating the "mental rape" of children by allowing them to have access to sexually charged books.

"I'm asking for parents in Birmingham, Alabama, to get aggressive, to get vocal," Amanchukwu continued. "And yes, we know that these things will take time, but if we have enough parents lifting up their voice, making noise and demanding that these cheap suits be removed, things will begin to change. If we don't do anything, things will persist."

As for his heckler, Amanchukwu said the woman did not want to hear from the "voice of reason."

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