University of Alabama play-by-play announcer Eli Gold has mixed feelings over Nick Saban's recently announced retirement after a legendary career.

During an appearance on "Rick & Bubba University," Gold sounded off about Saban's sudden decision to retire and reflected on his 17 years in Tuscaloosa.

"I was surprised," Gold said of Saban's retirement. "I mean, we all knew that we were closer to the finish of the career than we were to the beginning. He wasn't going to go another 17 years, but I didn't expect it to happen yesterday as it did."

"As sad as I am personally and selfishly, I'm thrilled for him and for Miss Terry and for the kids and for the grandchildren. I am just thrilled for all of them that they'll be able to spend time with the coach now. But yeah, I'm saddened that I won't be working with him any longer, but such is life, huh?" he added.

Gold suggested that Saban could go into broadcasting or become a commissioner of college football, should that role get created, so he could have his fill of being a part of a team while also enjoying retirement.

Co-host Rick Burgess asked Gold if he saw Saban's decision coming or if he was surprised.

"I don't know," Gold replied. "He's done so much, and I don't know to what degree, but I think the changing landscape of college football with the NIL and with the transfer portal ... he loves the fact that the players are getting paid. He's totally in support of that, but the way it's working and the way the portal works, I don't know if that might not have hastened his departure just a bit."

"I hate it," he continued. "Selfishly, I hate it."

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