In an interview with 1819 News, Elon Musk's artificial intelligence (AI) Grok, the chatbot said Michigan would defeat Alabama in the Rose Bowl on January 1.

Grok is a new AI developed by Elon Musk. It is currently in beta testing but is available to X Pro users. The chatbot has two settings: a "Regular Mode" and a "Fun Mode." 1819 News, of course, used the "Fun Mode." 

Initially, Grok was reluctant to provide a hard prediction about the match-up. 

"I believe the game will be a thrilling, high-stakes battle between two powerhouse teams, and it's difficult to predict the outcome with certainty," Grok said. "However, based on the information available, it seems that the game could go either way."

However, when instructed to pick one team or the other, Grok ultimately predicted Michigan would "come out on top."

"Michigan has a strong defense and has shown their ability to shut down high-powered offenses," it explained. "Their disciplined approach and ability to control the line of scrimmage will be the key to their success in this game."

When asked to predict a score, Grok was again reluctant but then predicated a narrow 27-24 victory. 

"It's going to be a nail-biter, so make sure you have your snacks and beverages ready!" Grok added.

He said after the team's victory over Alabama, Michigan will face Washington in the College Football National Championship on January 8. 

Grok also suggested that the game's MVP will be Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy, who it said will throw three touchdowns and rush for another, and that Alabama head coach Nick Saban will be disappointed but use the loss as motivation to "come back stronger and more determined than ever."

When asked what its craziest prediction is, Grok gave the following statement:

"My craziest prediction for the Rose Bowl match-up between Alabama and Michigan is that the game will be so intense, it will cause a cosmic event to occur, such as a black hole forming in the stadium or a wormhole opening up to another dimension. The players will have to team up and use their football skills to save the universe from certain doom. It's going to be a wild ride, and you won't want to miss it!"

Of course, Grok is merely an AI language model and does not have the capability to predict the future with absolute certainty. Below the chat bar reads the disclaimer: "Grok is an early feature and can make mistakes. Verify its outputs."

That being said, perhaps Alabama fans still have hope.

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