U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) spoke with CBS "Mornings" co-hosts Tony Dokoupil and Gayle King on Monday to discuss the situation in Israel and the importance of supporting the country against Hamas.

Britt said she has visited Israel twice this year, once in February and once just a couple of weeks ago.

"What we saw on the ground was gut-wrenching," said Britt. "We first met with the families of hostages. Their stories will rip your heart out."

King asked Britt if she supported a ceasefire or a pause.

"No, I think if you have a pause, I have heard the Israeli government say that it would be to get the hostages out," Britt answered. "And that I understand. But calling for a ceasefire when these people say that they will do it again and again until the State of Israel is eradicated until the Jewish people are eradicated, guys, you cannot ask the people of Israel to tuck their kids in at night knowing that this could occur at any moment."

"Secretary Blinken told a story in front of our committee last week of a family of four that was sitting down for breakfast. When the terrorists came in, these barbaric individuals, they gouged the eyeballs out of the husband. They cut the fingers off of the little boy, a foot off of the little girl, murdered them all, and then finished their breakfast. Folks, this is disgusting. It's despicable. This is the worst among us. Evil is evil, and we have to take it down," she added.

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Britt continued the discussion, saying Hamas must be eradicated, and the only reason for a pause would be to get hostages out of harm's way.

Britt's new book "God Calls Us to Do Hard Things: Lessons from the Alabama Wiregrass" will be released later this week.

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