Dr. Scott Catino, the president of the Faith, Family, Freedom Coalition of Metro Mobile, spoke this week to the Mobile City Council about his concerns about the indirect impact those woke policies can have on residents.

With 25 years of service in security studies, including with the U.S. government, Catino specializes in civil unrest. He has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan but said there needs to be a focus on security threats right here at home.

"I state my background only to highlight that I'm not speaking subjectively but rather from decades of experience and application of tradecraft standards," Catino said to the council. "Unlike too many, I define terms like 'extreme' or 'radical.' Any person, group or organization that undermines the U.S. Constitution is indeed extreme, radical and subversive. Therefore, I assert unequivocally today that the Human Rights Campaign is a highly trained, radical organization skillfully and incrementally subverting Constitutional liberties.

"Despite its declared mission of human rights, inclusiveness and advocacy for the LGBT community, the Human Rights Campaign operates very differently. The HRC promotes the legalization of sex workers, depenalization of pedophilia, destruction of parental rights, indoctrination, sexualization and physical harm to children through transgender surgeries and medical treatments."

Catino also accused the HRC of anti-police activity. He said although the LGBTQ liaison program was discontinued last month in Mobile, the damage has already been done.

"Although the appointments were reversed last month, the indiscriminate and propagandistic policy of so-called inclusion remains a significant threat to the citizens of Mobile," he continued. "Unless the political leadership of the city of Mobile takes a deeper look at the agendas of groups like the HRC and acts accordingly, further community problems are likely to follow from their agitation and destructive activities."

The HRC, an LGBTQ advocacy group, was founded in 1980 with the stated goal of ending discrimination. The HRC has grown to be the largest LGBTQ lobbying group in the nation and has recently been on the defensive. Earlier this year, the HRC declared a state of emergency for the LGBTQ community after lawmakers in several states pushed back against policies supporting "gender-affirmation" care for children, LGBTQ influences in the classroom, allowing boys in female bathrooms and boys to play in girls' sports.

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