During the latest "Rick & Bubba University" podcast, Jason Whitlock, a columnist and podcast host with The Blaze, slammed the left for being driven by feelings when it comes to ideology.

Whitlock questioned how it was possible to find "common ground" with a group with ever-changing beliefs that are based on feelings. He suggested the only path forward to deal with the slippery slope of transgenderism would be a "secession or a national divorce."

"They're asking me to deny the truth, and some truths that are so fundamental and are spelled out in the early pages of Genesis, that I just can't go there," Whitlock outlined. "There's man, and there's woman. That's what God created. You know, it's not Baskins & Robbins - He didn't create 32 flavors. And it's so devoid from reality. It's like, how do you find common ground?"

"The disconnect we're having is that there are people who believe in God who are tethered to the Bible, and that's something written and concrete. Then there are people that are conservative politically, and they tie themselves to the Constitution, and that's written. ... As Christians, we can debate scripture. As conservatives, we can debate the Constitution. What you cannot debate are people's feelings, and the other side is trying to create a world where feelings are the driver, feelings are the foundation for everything that we do. People's feelings come and go. People's feelings change at a whim. The Bible is written; the Constitution is written. It doesn't change. So, if we're standing on those two things, we can find some common ground, but if we're standing on feelings, I can't account. Some man, boy, or whatever who thinks he's a woman or feels that he's a woman, I can't debate that person. I can't find common ground with that person."

Whitlock compared it to data showing police violence wasn't skewed toward black Americans and said it was a "fantasy world" to believe law enforcement was "executing a genocide against black people."

"They're making us have all of these discussions based off how someone feels; I can't find common ground with that," Whitlock emphasized.

"And then, when you go to - just for me as a man, just for me as a Christian - when you start sexualizing children and when you start saying we need drag queens in libraries, we need drag queen-friendly kids shows, I can't go there. I just can't. I can't find common ground with people who believe we should be sexualizing children. People that are living in that fantasy land, the Bible is pretty clear," he added, quoting 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

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