The D.C.-based Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is focusing on the upcoming special House District 10 race in Madison, and Marilyn Lands appears to be their number one candidate.

The DLCC is a far-left organization that operates across all 50 states, advocating for candidates that further their pro-abortion, anti-gun, and pro-illegal immigration issues. Lands and HD10 are featured on the DLCC website as one of the top upcoming races to watch.

State records show Lands has been racking in large amounts of cash from small and large donors across the country, from Washington, D.C. to California, for the past few months, but that has really picked up steam lately.

Sources tell 1819 News that the DLCC's long-term goal is to turn all of Madison and Huntsville Democrat, starting with the HD10 seat. A win there could provide momentum for more outside money to support other future races.

After redistricting, this seat and Senate District 2 in Madison have become purple. Although Republicans won in the previous elections, as more and more people from out of the state move into the Huntsville metro area, the seats become more at risk of losing to Democrats.

The people who fund the DLCC can be challenging to uncover. Backers of the DLCC work under the cover of several federal statutes. A glimpse at the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) website shows the organization appears to be a minor player in national politics. However, their key funding comes under the DLCC umbrella, which does not have to disclose its donors.

A former DLCC fundraiser who spoke to 1819 News said the majority of these donors are the normal corporate and individual Democratic donors you would see in federal campaigns.

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