Shomari Figures, the Democrat nominee for Alabama's second congressional district race, appeared on MSNBC on Saturday with Al Sharpton to tout his candidacy and to react to President Joe Biden's appearance in nearby Atlanta to deliver the Morehouse College's commencement address.

Figures, who faces Republican nominee Caroleene Dobson in November, took a dig at the Alabama Legislature, noting a bill signed into law by Gov. Kay Ivey that claws back incentives granted to companies that voluntarily recognize labor unions.

"[I] think what this really showed us here in the state of Alabama, in particular, where during this organizing campaign state legislators — a new law being implemented here in the state of Alabama went so far as to disincentivize companies voluntarily acknowledging unions," he said. "It really highlighted the fact that we have to do everything to protect the right of workers to organize when they so choose."

Sharpton asked Figures about black voters' lack of enthusiasm in the presidential election. Figures dismissed those concerns and called Trump a "throwback to an era" in Alabama that people do not want to return to.

"I don't sense that here on the ground," Figures said. "I think people understand the realities of Joe Biden and who he is running against and how his opponent is a throwback to an era, in this state in particular, and in this country, where people do not want to return back to. So, we know we have to do everything we can to excite and mobilize voters to be able to get out and vote, especially black voters in the state of Alabama."

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