It was a disappointing weekend for Alabama fans, with the Crimson Tide suffering a 34-24 loss to the Texas Longhorns in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night. The loss takes the Crimson Tide’s record to 1-1, slightly dropping their chances of making the College Football Playoffs.

Meanwhile out west, “Coach Prime” is on top of the college football world. Deion Sanders, in his first year as Colorado’s head football coach, is off to a fast 2-0 start with wins over TCU and Nebraska to open the season.

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum made an appearance on ESPN's “Matt Barrie Show” and was asked about the possibility of Sanders becoming Saban's successor.

“I had a colleague ask me today, this is where we are on the morning after, who do you think the top three candidates would be if quote-unquote 'Nick Saban retired,'" Finebaum said on Sunday. “And I don’t know if Prime is on that list or not. But why not?”

Finebaum went on to point out that there is only one guy out there with star power to replace the 72-year-old coach at Alabama.

“And I’m not going to ... get too deep into the weeds or we’re not when I was trying to think of some of the names,” Finebaum said. “I mean, they’re all just nice coaches, but none of them have the star power - I mean, quite frankly, Nick Saban doesn’t have the star power that Deion Sanders has right now.”

Sanders’ coaching ability is still up for debate, but "Coach Prime" currently has the most star power in college football. He has created so much buzz around the Colorado football program that he has ESPN’s "College GameDay" and Fox’s "Big Noon Kickoff" coming to Boulder this weekend.

“I mean, you’re 100% right, Matt, and you know, there are a lot of regrets out there but you think, (here’s some) inside baseball here for a second. 'College GameDay' going to a campus was like a very big deal …(Big Noon Kickoff and GameDay are) both at Boulder this week for a truly unforgettable game. Colorado State, I mean, you couldn’t have gotten GameDay to a one-loss Colorado State-Colorado game at any moment in history. You would have gotten laughed out of the production office.”

The season is still early, but “Coach Prime” and Colorado are off to a 2-0 start and taking center stage of college football while Alabama and Saban have been thrown to the wayside with a 1-1 start. If Sanders can keep up the success, count on him to get rumored for some big jobs in the near future.

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