Monday on ESPN's "Get Up," SEC Network host Paul Finebaum weighed in on the College Football Playoff committee's controversial decision to select Alabama to their final four teams over an undefeated Florida State.

Finebaum agreed with the decision, arguing Florida State was not the same team with their backup quarterback that they were earlier in the season. He told everyone bellyaching over FSU's snub to "shut up already" and noted Alabama's accomplishment in taking down the No. 1 team that was attempting to three-peat.

"They did get it right," Finebaum declared. "And can we all just stop with the fake outrage from the Florida State AD and the president? I get the coach; I get the players, but the rest of the people need to shut up already. This is college football. It is not a perfect system. We have controversy every year. It helps fuel and what makes this sport great. And for the coach to say it's a sad day in college football. I saw people celebrating all over the place. I think we have an amazing game. Michigan and Alabama? Michigan is upset they have to play Alabama."

"And let's not forget ... why is Alabama in this game? They beat Georgia. Remember Georgia? They were the number one team all year, they were the two-time defending champions going for a three-peat? That impressed the committee. And then the committee sat there and watched that travesty from the ACC Championship game, not a travesty from the standpoint that Florida State doesn't have an elite defense, they are fantastic, but they had no offense, and they simply didn't want to see another TCU disaster in one of the games coming up here at the end of the month."

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