Former Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine joined FM Talk 106.5’s Sean Sullivan on “Midday Mobile” Friday to respond to false information in an investigation by former U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson confirmed earlier this week that some of the report was inaccurate. It stated an assistant principal at ACCEL Academy assaulted a student during an interaction with a police officer. Upon further review, it was determined that never happened.

Stimpson apologized to the police department for the review's impact on the department. He also said things would be done differently if he had it to do over again. Prine told Sullivan he had not gotten an apology from the mayor.

“The mayor is on an apology tour,” said Prine. “Good for him. But he didn't apologize to me, and I'm not going to get an apology.”

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Prine said he believes inaccurate information in the Brown report was intentional.

“It was designed to oust me out of office,” Prine told Sullivan. “It certainly attacked the members of the police department and their leadership.”

After reviewing the report, Prine said he has identified other inaccuracies that have not been discussed. An example he gave was concerning a police officer who was accused of making a disparaging comment about Jawan Dallas, a man who died in police custody after resisting arrest.

“He [Brown] stated that as a matter of fact that a police officer said that [disparaging comment],” Prine explained. “I was in the room when the investigator who was investigating that case walked in and a family member that it was the family member that made the statement about Mr. Dallas and not the police officer.”

The investigation was meant to provide insight into the police department's policies and procedures after several incidents of the use of force raised concerns.

Stimpson originally said the report led him to believe that he and Prine differed regarding best practices and procedures. He said that is what led to Prine being placed on administrative leave. However, Stimpson told Sullivan Thursday that the report was not why Prine was eventually fired.

Prine believes after he filed a grievance against the mayor’s chief of staff, James Barber, the administration began to consider ways to oust him as chief.

“That was in November, and November, incidentally, was the same time frame that the talk about bringing in Kenyen Brown to do this third-party report,” Prine said. “The readers or your listeners can decide if that was vindictive action or not.”

Further, Prine claimed that the “Bridging the Gap” program, which has been working for Mobile youth, was originally his idea. He told Sullivan that Barber stole the program and ran with it.

“I think it was a great program,” said Prine. “Now, I will give Jimmy some credit. He did give it a name but he also admitted to me that he stole the program. I think it was out of jest, but under my current rank and position at the time, in 2015, I really wasn't in a position to stop him.”

Prine said even the Brown report confirmed the police department is in a good leadership position to protect and serve the public. Prine noted that leadership was put into place by his own strategic plan.

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