FOLEY — The City of Foley hopes the Alabama Legislature will be able to approve an act to allow for a vote for annexation. The city council approved a resolution Monday proposing the annexation of part of the Mills community.

For eight months, city officials have been working in the community, which includes the Angie Baldwin subdivision and Kirkland’s Camp. Roadways in the proposed annexation include Angie Drive, Lymon Lane, Sandy Ridge Road and Pettibone Lane. Only part of the community is currently within city limits, and Foley Mayor Ralph Hellmich said that means the unincorporated areas are being underserved.

“Policing is an issue,” Hellmich said. “Half of the community is in the city, and half is not. So, you have to coordinate very closely with the sheriff’s department."

Foley Police chief Thurston Bullock did not respond to a media request on the matter.

“The other thing is city services," Hellmich continued. "I can’t do services out there in the county. They want sidewalks. I can’t build sidewalks in that community. We can in the other part that is in the city and streetlights are another issue. Just those two issues right there have driven this forward.”

Hellmich has been speaking with lawmakers, including State Rep. Jennifer Fidler (R-Silverhill), about presenting this act to the legislature. Fidler did not respond to a media request.

City leaders hope the act is passed so the city can hold a vote this summer. The only people voting would be residents of the Mills community. After surveying the area, Hellmich said out of 105 lots, only four property owners have voiced that they are not sure if they want to be part of city limits, Hellmich claimed.

Nearby properties, Flowerwood Nursery and Sharon Guy have also agreed to join the referendum to put the city past the percentage to allow for a local bill referendum.

After holding two public meetings and attempting to contact all property owners, Hellmich feels confident the annexation will happen. Plus, he said people in the area have a lot to gain from having city services.

“We have just done everything we can to reach everybody out there,” he said. “We’ve been looking for years to establish a community park in the Mills community. It’s one of the few areas we do not have one. So, we have found a piece of property, it’s about four acres and we’re currently in the process of buying it from the landowners.”

Little Rock Baptist Church and The Way the Truth, and the Life Holiness Church have also been working within the community to inform residents.

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A date for the election will be announced after the legislature approves the act and the governor signs it. The Baldwin County Probate Judge will announce the details, and the city of Foley will pay for the election.

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