Former University of Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough let his frustration flow on Monday when talking about the current situation with his former team.

"What I think is missing is the vocal leadership," Scarbrough said. "I don't think they are living up to the expectation that we set. I also don't think they are focused on what is important, and that's winning a national championship. This is what we all are playing for. There are no individual players when we're playing football. A quarterback can't get the ball unless the center hikes it. The receiver can't get the ball unless the quarterback throws it, and I can't run the ball unless the offensive line is blocking. We all play a role. I don't think the guys over there understand their role."

Scarbrough, who was at Alabama as part of two national championship teams and another that made it to the championship game, met with the media before the Monday Morning Quarterback Club meeting at the Harbert Center in Birmingham. Scarbrough, who is returning for a second season with USFL's Birmingham Stallions, was asked about what was happening at Alabama. His previous response was just a start.

Highlights of his response included lack of focus, players doing their own thing in the way they dress on the field, possible jealousy over NIL money, lack of leadership among the players and the need for more physical play.

"No one is bigger, no one is better, we're all as one," said Scarbrough, who was part of a USFL championship team last spring. "That bothers me that the leadership is not there. Leadership is not taking on their role. I don't see us being as physical as we used to be a few years ago. It's just an all-around thing. I think it's more of a me-me-me-me and not we-we-we-we. I think the NIL plays a big role in that, also. Some guys may complain about other guys getting more money. I don't know the situation with that, but I know Georgia is managing the situation pretty well as far as the NIL deals. Guys are accepting their roles, as far as what they have to do."

Scarbrough was asked if he could expand on his opinion on the NIL situation.

"I don't know the specific details of the NIL at Alabama," Scarbrough said. "But, to me, on the outside looking in, it just seems like players are worried about themselves as opposed to winning and buying into the process and learning the way how he does things to climb the mountain that we have. I'm pretty sure Coach Saban says this a lot. We're not as disciplined as we were in the past. We never had a game where we had 17 to 18 penalties. You can blame it on the refs. People blame it on the coaches. But the players are the ones out there playing. If you play to their potential and the standard we have at Alabama, I don't think it will be an issue."

How do the players reach that potential?

"I think that going forward, they need to play for each other, play for the name on the back of their jersey and play for the A on the front of that jersey," Scarbrough said. "And let them know that Alabama is still the dynasty that everyone thinks they are. They need to live up to the expectation, buy into the program, trust the process, and be built by Bama. You know, learn from Coach Saban, as a man and a person and as a player at the same time."

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