By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor

Former Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes will serve 10 months in jail for perjury first-degree and the use of public office for personal gain.

Hughes pleaded guilty to the two felony counts on June 24.

“Brandon Hughes violated the public trust and therefore deserved to serve his sentence in jail,” said Chief Deputy Attorney General Clay Crenshaw.

While Hughes previously had been suspended from office as a result of his indictment, the court’s acceptance of his plea of guilty caused his removal from office as a matter of law. 

Pursuant to Hughes’ June plea agreement, he agreed to a three-year sentence for both counts, split to serve ten months in jail. Additionally, Hughes will be required to pay back the Lee County District Attorney’s Fund $14,000 in legal fees related to the use of his public office for personal gain and $1,350 in restitution to Highway 50 Towing of Lanett, Alabama.

Attorneys for Hughes had asked for their client to be allowed to serve his sentence in a community corrections program but that motion was denied. Hughes will serve his sentence in the Lee County Detention Facility in Opelika.

Hughes must report to serve his sentence by Thursday.