Retired Alabama State Representative and former NFL Green Bay linebacker Rich Wingo sees a "desperate" need for Biblical manhood in America and for churches to invest more in men's outreach.

That's why he and Rick Burgess of "The Rick & Bubba Show" started The Man Church. During a recent interview with 1819 Media president Bryan Dawson on the "1819 News The Podcast," Wingo discussed how the discipleship program helps inspire men to fulfill their God-given responsibilities.

"Men desperately, desperately need Christ, especially in the South," Wingo said. "That's one thing I've noticed since COVID is that there's not as much gray anymore … You're either all in, you're committed — everything — or you're not."

"This is what Man Church is about," he added. "Man Church is a high challenge to men. It gets past all the small talk. Cut through all the crap, and you get to the bottom line: Does your life point people to Jesus Christ?"

Wingo said too often, churches neglect their men's ministry, keeping it at the bottom of the list of priorities if they have one at all.

"It's amazing how many churches — I mean, if we really, really believe the word of God that God has given you and I to be physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger, if we really believe that, you know, so that we can lead our families, then why aren't you investing in those men as a pastor, as a church?" he said.

Wingo said the responsibility ultimately falls to each individual man to live and lead a life for Christ.

"How many temper tantrums, how many curse words, how many drinks does it take to lose your witness for Christ? That's what men desperately need," he said. "Iron sharpens iron, just as one man sharpens another. Satan loves men who feel awkward about talking about Jesus. Satan loves men that have no impact, no influence on the Kingdom of God.

"Are you influenced by Christ, or are you dominated by Christ? Huge difference. Because almighty God … is so sick of weak, passive men with thoughtless prayers that just pray to pray. He's sick and tired of those men. And unfortunately, those are the men Jesus talks about in Matthew 7, and he doesn't know you."

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