Joshua Whitehouse, who served as the White House Liaison to the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security during the Trump administration, released a statement on Monday affirming Casey Wardynski’s role in implementing President Donald J. Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda. Ret. U.S. Army Colonel Casey Wardynski is a candidate in the Republican primary runoff for Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District (CD5).  

“In the Fall of 2020, President Trump tasked me with removing Presidential Appointees who were not implementing his America First Agenda,” Whitehouse said. “He also tasked me with notifying those appointees who he planned to nominate for positions of greater responsibility in his second term.

"By September 2020, the Department of Defense had become a particular source of frustration for President Trump. Several of his most senior appointees had failed to lead and put America First in ending the forever wars. Other appointees had served President Trump well and demonstrated their fidelity to his America First Agenda. Among these appointees was Dr. Casey Wardynski. As Assistant Secretary of the Army, Casey had taken the lead in improving Army readiness, he mobilized the manpower to build the Wall on our border with Mexico, removed Critical Race Theory from West Point, he fought to reduce the woke influence of big tech and social media and to deliver Army Talent Management to ensure the Army had the right leaders in the right positions at the right time.”

Whitehouse then went on to describe his first meeting with Wardynski.

“In September of 2020, at the directive of President Trump, I met with Dr. Casey Wardynski,” Whitehouse said. “We discussed weak leadership at the Pentagon, and I told Dr. Wardynski that President Trump wanted Casey to serve in a second term of the Trump Administration as the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. Day in and day out, Dr. Casey Wardynski fought for Trump’s America First Agenda. He implemented the President’s priorities and wasn’t afraid to take on anyone not fulfilling the President’s agenda. Whereas individuals such as Secretary of Defense Mark Esper or General Mark Milley worked to undermine President Trump, leaders such as Dr. Wardynski served the President with fidelity, energy, and skill. There was no greater advocate for President Trump’s agenda in the Army than Dr. Wardynski.”

Wardynski faces Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong in the primary runoff on June 21.

“In Congress, there will be no one more dedicated to fighting for President Trump’s America First agenda than Casey Wardynski,” Whitehouse said. “I’m proud to recommend Casey to Alabama voters, just as President Trump recommended him to Congress when he nominated Casey as his Assistant Secretary of the Army or asked him to serve in a position of greater authority as Undersecretary of Defense in planning for a second Trump term.”

In the May 24 Republican primary, Strong received 45,200 votes, 44.74%; while Wardynski finished second with 23,275 votes, 23.04%. Andy Blalock received 5,578 votes, 5.52%. John Roberts received 13,934 votes, 13.79%. Former State Sen. Paul Sanford received 11,539 votes, 11.42%. Harrison Wright received 1,503 votes - 1.49% of the total.

In the CD5 Democratic primary, Kathy Warner-Stanton was the winner, defeating Charlie Thompson. Stanton had 8,969 votes, 57.17% to Thompson’s 6,719 votes, 42.83%.

Just 15,688 votes were cast in the CD5 Democratic primary race versus 101,029 in the Republican primary.

The eventual Republican nominee will face Stanton in the Nov. 8 general election. Phillip “P.J.” Greer is the Libertarian candidate in CD5.

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