A former Vestavia Hills High School student was caught squatting in dormitories at Stanford University in California after pretending to be a student for over a year.

According to The Stanford Daily, William Curry was removed multiple times from campus but continued to return, posing as a student living in the dorms.

Reports said Curry graduated from Vestavia Hills in 2021.

Curry was accused of living in the basement of one dormitory for several weeks and was removed on October 27. He was then ordered not to return to campus. 

The report stated he was initially removed in the fall of 2021 after living in a dorm for multiple months. He was later removed from another dormitory during winter break that year and several other times in 2022.

He was also accused of taking a television from one of the dorms.

Stanford students told The Stanford Daily that Curry harassed multiple students while squatting in the dorms, but the university did nothing except remove him time and time again. 

One student said he never saw Curry repeat an outfit, and he appeared normal. The student said the resident advisors of the dormitories thought Curry was a resident. 

From January to June of this year, Curry maintained a relationship with a student who said she thought he was a transfer from Duke. She accused Curry of drinking and gambling frequently and claimed he harassed and stalked her.

The university personnel failed to communicate to the residential staff or students about Curry’s repeated attempts to pose as a student.

The Stanford Daily reached out to a local district attorney’s office but did not receive information about whether there is a criminal investigation against Curry.

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