Tuesday on the "Rick & Bubba Show," 2024 GOP presidential candidate former Vice President Mike Pence discussed his recently announced presidential run and his upcoming speaking appearance at Gridiron Men's Conference in Huntsville this weekend.

Pence, who has long been open about his Christian faith, said he felt "called" to run as he saw the Biden administration weakening the United States "at home and abroad" with its policies.

"I had a friend tell me years ago ... there's two kinds of people in politics: There's people that are called and people that are driven," Pence outlined.

He continued, "Early in my career, I was one of these guys that let my political ambition get ahead of living out my faith in the public square, but the last 20 years with my wife Karen at my side, we've sought to carry ourselves in a way that would honor God and stand for the values that we believe in while we serve the country, and the Lord's really blessed our path beyond anything that we could've imagined."

Pence also said he was "convinced that the country is in a lot of trouble right now" due in part to the "confusion" seen in popular culture.

"I think the current administration — its policies weaken America at home and abroad," he lamented. "I think in so many ways our culture ... is, you know, in a state of confusion, at least in the popular culture. But I'm convinced that many more are with us than are with them. This is a great country of good, decent, faith-filled, freedom-loving people, and Karen and I just felt called at the end of the day to step forward and give voice to those values and hold up a candidacy and trust the American people and the Good Lord for the way forward."

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