The Fort Morgan Civic Association (FMCA) is heading up a project to warn visitors about deadly rip currents.

New signs are going up to spread awareness in various neighborhoods and businesses. The signs provide education on what rip currents are, how to avoid them and what to do if caught in one.

"We are thrilled to roll out our Rip Currents Awareness campaign, in partnership with local property owners and businesses," said Joe Emerson, president of the Fort Morgan Civic Association. "By raising awareness about rip currents and providing safety information to our visitors and residents, we can enhance the safety of our small beach community and ensure that everyone can enjoy our beautiful, natural coastline responsibly."

The signs cost $350 and can be purchased from the FMCA.

Rip currents can be identified by a channel of churning, choppy water or a narrow gap of darker, calmer water between waves. Officials advise that if caught in a rip current, don't panic or swim against it. Float with the current until you are free from it, then swim parallel to shore and back in.

The flag warning system allows beachgoers to be aware of rip current hazards. A red flag represents high surf and/or strong currents. Double red flags mean the water is closed to the public, and entering the Gulf of Mexico is illegal.

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